Peel- off- labels

Peel-off labels ( Peel- read labels) are the solution we have got in our offer since 2012. They are special multi-labels. Our company offers bilayer labels, with print possibility of 3 sides. Those labels can be constructed of paper- and film layers. We can use white and transparent films.

Top page we can print up to 4 colours,  internal pages: 1 colour- first and up to 2 colours- second.


Peel-off labels give a lot of benefits to the customers. They provide additional space print, hence give possibility to put more information. That is a good solution for companies, which look for marketing usage of packaging back side- they can put the description on internal pages.

These labels give also simplifying logistics and standardization of labels (it enables the  reduction of cost and article numbers).

They are usually use as:
-multi- languages descriptive labels
-front labels- where description can be put inside (elimination of  two labels necessityon the product)
-promotional labels (promotional code inside).



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